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Art Lab is a peer group for artists and art practitioners to discuss their work, concurrent ideas and critical thinking based in Halifax since January 2019. During Covid restrictions, we moved online like lots of others and expanded to an international membership.

This first Art Lab exhibition at Dean Clough marks a return back to the physical space and mirrors Art Lab’s event practice of randomly pairing two artists together to explore commonalities and collaborative methods. During 2022, each artist pair, who may never have met or worked together before, embarked on an experimental journey to create, select or co-produce work in whichever way they chose.

The resultant exhibition in the Crossley Gallery at Dean Clough documents the diverse range of practices and collaborative methodologies.

When the exhibition finishes in September 2022, the monthly in-person Art Lab events recommence at Fletcher’s Mill at Dean Clough, all welcome.

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For more information contact Alice Bradshaw contemporaryrubbish@yahoo.co.uk